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PicApport 7.0.02

file size: 22.92 MB

PicApport is a private photo gallery with server for your home network.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server / 8

Manage your private photo archive with PicApport. Our photo server enables you to organize all existing photos of your family in a central place and make them available to every family member.

Social networks offer a solution but not everybody wants to load his private photo album into the cloud. PicApport offers a solution for this. Because of the consequent integration of metadata, our photo gallery works for the "serious" photographer in the family exporting his RAW images from the RAW converter and for the rest of the family making snapshots with a smartphone.

You can even allow visitors to access PicApport because with filters you can define what photos they are allowed to see.

Digital photo frame: Turn every tablet or smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android) a dynamic digital photo frame. PicApport is optimized to only transmit the necessary resolution. This makes the transfer as fast as if the photos were accessed locally.

Local Collections: From Version 3 PicApport can store your images on the devices connected to the network as 'local collections' to the browser. View your dynamic query without having connection to the server on which you want view!

.RAW and Plugins: Since version 4.0 PicApport supports the main .RAW image formats. In addition, PicApport can now support many other image formats with plugins.

Share your photos: You can now share your photos easily with your family and friends. With just one click PicApport generates a link to all the selected photos you want to share. As an option you can even set an expiration date for the link that has been created.

This feature requires that your server is accessible from the Internet.

NEW in version 6 - Geolocations: With modern cameras and smartphones, you have the option to tag photos with GPS coordinates. With this information PicApport can now show your photos on a map. Create photo collections by selecting photos from a particular map section. (Local and Dynamic).

User management and uploads: The new user management together with the upload feature turns every PicApport installation into a fully functional managed Photo-Gallery-Server.